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Goodbye Ted

Ted has been my friend through undergrad at DePauw and then grad school at IU. Even though I started a year before him, he’s graduating before me (this week) and getting on with his life. He’s moving to Cinncinatti to live with his boyfriend Dale. I’m really going to miss him. He’s helped me tolerate the last two classes we took together and the projects we worked on. And he was really a friendly, listening ear when I came out of the closet as a junior. I never suspected he would do the same thing two years later. Ted, keep in touch.

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CastleMouse 2000

I’ve been enjoying playing this puzzle game at Shockwave.com.  It reminds me of Sierra’s The Incredible Machine (via Brain Log)

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Running Tally

Jason is another fellow gay weblogger (I wonder how many of us there are besides us and Brad).  His site has a very interesting look, employing subscript numbers.  I also like the way he notates dates for each entry – I may have to borrow that style.

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Great TV!

My shows rocked last night!  On Will & Grace, Jack faced his bad memories of elementary school and helped out a young kid who seems destined to grow up gay.  I’d hate to hear what bigots who think gay people recruit the young would say about the episode, but I thought it was sweet and made me wish I had had a positive gay influence when growing up.

On Sport Night, Dana’s brother is being investigated for steroid use.

But Buffy was the best of all – quite possibly the best espisode to date and easily one of the scariest TV shows I’ve ever seen.  Some boogeymen come to town and steal everyone’s voice – leading to a 27 minute sequence with no dialogue.  The sight of the boogeymen floating through the town while no one could scream was truly frightening.  The best part was that Willow made a new witch friend (was there some sexual tension there?) and Riley and Buffy discovered that they each patrol at night.  The episode ended with the two of them about to discuss why they were out the night before.  Argh!  No new episode for at least 2 weeks!

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First FOX announces that they’re scrapping plans to crash a 747 in a special called “Jumbo Jet Crash: The Ultimate Safety Test.”  The new Fox Television Entertainment Group chairman says the network wants to reduce the amount of “addictive quick-fix” reality programs the network shows.  But then today, FOX announces a rip-off of ABC’s new game show called Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire, in which 50 women parade themselves around, vying for the hand in marriage to a wealthy bachelor.  Ick.  The only way this show could redeem itself in my eyes is if the women perform a medley of songs from GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, including “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

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I knew my coworker Bertie is an amazing woman, but I didn’t know how really special she is.  A friend of hers was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy.  To cheer him up, she and Shannon hosted a special edition of the VELCRO SHOW today on WLLC, our radio station.  She had all of his friends call in and wish him luck in getting well soon and we recorded it to send to him.  Bertie had sent the news of the special broadcast far and wide and almost 20 people called in long distance to offer their prayers.  What a beautiful gesture.  If I ever get sick, I hope I have someone like Bertie pulling for me.

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Thanks to both Mark and Bill for pointing me towards the answer to my query on the 7thCompact Disc Shopper’s Guide, a collection of coupons for online music shops.

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I’ve been administering a Linux server for my department as an independent project for credit this semester (and running this webpage off of it).  Tonight I tried to upgrade the Apache webserver to 1.3.9 and add support for Php3.  Apache 1.3.9 is configured quite differently than 1.3.6, and I’ve been having trouble getting it to work correctly – so my site keeps going up and down and back up and down again.  Right now, I’ve had to go back and run 1.3.6 so that my webpage will be up.  This weblog and the rest of my site will probably blink on and off again tomorrow as I try to stablize the server.

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Midnight Madness!!!

I was helping my mother order a movie online for my brother for Christmas, when we came across one of my favorite movies from the 80’s – Midnight Madness. If you had HBO in the 80’s, chances are you saw it a million times as they ran it twice a day. I can’t wait until my mom gives me this for Christmas so I can relive the zany scavenger hunt with its trips to the Piano Museum, observatory, mini-golf course, and the Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery. I think that some of my screwed-up, preconceived notions of college life stemmed more from this film than Animal House or any other movie!

A little searching found a fan page for the movie!

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So Jeff and I have been going out for a month now.  I haven’t really written much about him in my weblog (other than to say I caught this or that movie with him) — because I wasn’t quite sure what he’d think about appearing on my homepage.

He’s not much of a computer person.  He rarely reads email (This photo is of him checking 2 weeks worth of mail on my computer).  I have to actually talk to him on the phone.  How 80’s.  But I kind of like it.  It’s been different to actually connect with a person and talk over the phone when we can’t meet in person.

Jeff knew all about my weblog before we started dating (he knew all about me, but I knew nothing about him before we were set up on a date).  So he had to know going into the relationship that I would potentially write about him in my weblog.  But I haven’t.  And I think maybe he’s been surprised not to see himself mentioned in it.

I keep meaning to talk to him about it.  But somehow the subject just hasn’t come up.  I haven’t brought it up.  Just like I haven’t brought up any conversation about how each of us views our relationship.  

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