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Librarian Trades Places With Vegas Showgirl For A Night. And she’s a fellow graduate of IU’s Library Science program. Small world.

So when do I get to go and trade places with a male stripper in New Orleans?

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To do list:

1. Learn how to freaking administer a linux server.

This is about the 3rd or 4th time that I’ve royally screwed up my server and had to wipe the drive clean and reinstall Linux again. Fortunately I managed to restore all my webpages and MySQL databases, but I lost all my email again. Living without my weblog for a few days didn’t kill me, but my staff of student advisors were unable to use all the nifty little scripts I’d written for them to send out duty logs, etc. I think I’ll be moving all those over to the university server…

Everytime I reinstall Linux, I do learn a little bit more about system administration (this time I learned that I should create separate patitions for /, /home, /var/, and /usr).


Bem Sex Role Inventory

Bem Sex Role Inventory. My results? “Your Femininity Score is 3.8. Your Masculinity Score is 3.55. You are sex-typed in neither direction. You are androgynous.” (via plasticbag.org)


“Remember those games we used to play?” I rented Chuck and Buck the other day, but couldn’t get past the first 10 or 15 minutes of the film. It’s been characterized as a “gay stalker” movie — Buck has never grown up or shaken his fixation on his former next-door-neighbor and friend Chuck, now engaged and a record producer in L.A. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, Buck moves to L.A. and tries to rekindle their old friendship and break up Chuck’s impending marriage.

Just seeing the first little bit of the film touched off some powerful memories that I’m not entirely comfortable in revisiting. All my life, I’ve had irrational obsessions over straight male friends, a pattern that continued all the way through to grad school. None of them were as severe as Buck’s fixation on Chuck, but in their own way they all still impeed my emotional development. I still continue to deliberately place myself in self-defeating contexts and environments (like living in rural Missouri) that block any chance of my forming an adult romantic realtionship with another man, but at least I recognize that fact now.


Tit for tat.

Yeah! The Naked News is auditioning male newcasters for their website. Let’s hear it for gender parity!

Okay, you’re right. I just want to see naked guys read the news (via Evhead).


Random question:

Sometime during the 80’s, Rue McClanahan (The Golden Girls) appeared in a TV version of a play about a research lab and a talking dolphin. It doesn’t appear in the IMDB. Anybody remember what it was called?


<nelson>Ha ha</nelson>

<nelson>Ha ha</nelson>. I now have the new 2.0 version of the Tivo software and you don’t. Using it, so far so good.


What I’ve been up to the past few days… After searching over a year for a way to do it, I’ve finally finagled a way to pull the appointments out of my Palm‘s backup files and display them on the web (I used this tutorial to get started). After I clean up the code, I’ll fashion it into another tutorial.

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Sometimes really tasty ones can be hard to find. (quicktime movie)

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Quick and dirty meme.

Following the example of others, I scanned in my driver’s license and a few other cards from my wallet so you can see how badly I take photos.

[my driver's license] Exhibit A: Missouri Driver’s License
I look like a freaking giraffe. And why can’t I smile?

[my faculty/staff id] Exhibit B: Truman State University Faculty/Staff ID
My head looks like it weighs 12 pounds and I’ve got the same exact smirk – the angle is the same and everything.

[my old IU id] Exhibit C: My old Indiana University ID
This photo is the only id photo I’ve ever liked – probably the reason I still carry it in my wallet. Somehow, as an entering grad student, I got the idea that I’d be dressing up for class everyday (hence the tie in the photo), but I quickly realized grad school (for me) was just like undergrad (tshirts and jeans).

Bonus images from my wallet: my business card and (side 1 of) my homemade Library of Congress classification card (old habits die hard).

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