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Hotmail “keep your account” spam

Hotmail “keep your account” spam. Probably the lamest spam / fake chain letter I’ve ever seen (why do spam usually have so many spelling/gramatical errors?). The person who forwarded it to me sent it to 26 people, only a few of whom actually had Hotmail addresses. (update: Snopes page on the hoax).


I never thought I would be so angry to see Animal Planet added to my cable system: it replaced my beloved Tech TV. Okay, so Tech TV is kind of lame sometimes, but that damn crocodile guy is starting to get annoying.


Opt out links

Opt out links. Links to prevent pop-up ads (via powazek.com).


The Blogger Code

The Blogger Code. B7 d++ t++ k+ s+ u+ f i o x e+ l c-.

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How much does ABC’s ALIAS rock? I’ve written before about the online web presence for ALIAS similar to the one from the movie AI — turns out that it was put together by show creater JJ Abrams. JJ also composed the theme song with some DJ software on a Powerbook, which his friend also used to create the show’s opening title graphics.


I’m back in Kirksville. TiVo

I’m back in Kirksville. TiVo is working again. I’m leaving right away tomorrow morning for a 2-day hall director retreat.

While in St. Louis waiting for my flight back to Kirksville (around 5pm central), the airport announced that the FAA had suspended all flight from taking off. Everyone groaned, but then 10 minutes later they put me on my small little propeller plane. As we were about to shove off from the terminal, the ground mechanic ran up and tapped on the window and told us we had to wait because the FAA had suspended all flights. Then, we sat on the runway for about 30 or 40 minutes.

I’ve looked on a couple of different news sites, but I don’t see any word about it. Strange.

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My defenses are down

My defenses are down. “We are only now beginning to see the long-term effects a TiVo can have on your television-watching experience. I came head-to-head with one of these effects this weekend. I am now no longer inured to the sinister power of commercials.”

Life without TiVo at my parents’ house has been horrible. I actually offered to buy them a brand new TiVo from Best Buy and they turned me down.

At the same site: funniest TiVo article ever.

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No Entry

There is no entry #1217.

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There’s nothing like a meme that’s dead on arrival. Kind of like that nightmare where you find yourself in class naked, my “blogmare” is coming true: people are really starting to link to my TiVo page and the dang thing has been unplugged for 2 weeks (and I won’t have it up and running again until tomorrow night when I fly back to Missouri). Boing Boing posted it last night and I’ve already received over 200 visits from them.

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Confession #3.

I still haven’t come out to my parents. I’ve been waiting for an opportune moment my entire visit — a chance for me to toss off some casual bon mot to clue them in. I keep formulating them in my head based on our conversations, but then they never give me the setup for the
punchline. Since I’m leaving on Wednesday morning, I have a feeling it’s not going to happen this trip home.