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Some Things You Ought to Have Mentioned before You Brought Me, Your Irish-Catholic Boyfriend, to Meet Your Parents at My First Seder Ever with Your Orthodox Family

Some Things You Ought to Have Mentioned before You Brought Me, Your Irish-Catholic Boyfriend, to Meet Your Parents at My First Seder Ever with Your Orthodox Family


The perfect perscription

The perfect perscription: How the pill bottle was remade—sensibly and beautifully.

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8 Forks

On Thursday I took Jeff to see the new apartment I’m (we’re) moving into in July. I’d only seen it once back in October and I couldn’t remember enough specific details to adequately describe it to him.

There’s been a fear in the back of my mind that Jeff would think the place was too small and wouldn’t want to move in with me. Shortly after we entered the apartment and the current Hall Director started giving us a tour, Jeff’s jaw dropped and didn’t shut until I pulled him aside and asked him what he thought. Fortunately Jeff was quite taken with the place. I, on the other hand, had not previously seen the amazingly small bathroom. Still, there’s tons of closet space, nice wood floors, a hook-up for a washer/dryer in the kitchen, and neat architectural details like a fireplace, fancy grill work outside the window, and great ceiling moulding.

Afterwards, we walked up to one of our favorite restaurants, Chat ‘N Chew, to celebrate the fab apartment. They seemed to be having a fork shortage — as soon as we sat down, the next table asked to borrow Jeff’s fork because they were short one. Then they gave us back one from another adjacent table. Then the waiter came and confiscated our forks for another table. When he brought us back forks with our food, Jeff’s was dirty and was immediately replaced. Then, they took our forks with our plates and had to bring us back forks with our blueberry crumble. All told, there were 8 forks on our table throughout the meal.


Ms. Subways Speaks

Ms. Subways Speaks: Parodies of the Subway Courtesy Campaign Ads. My favorite is “If you see a suspicious package, be sure to get his number.”

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Get Perpendicular

Get Perpendicular: Schoolhouse-Rock style explanation of Hitachi’s new higher-capacity hard drive technology.

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The Man Date

The Man Date: Male bonding without beer or sports.


Google Maps + Craiglist = awesome map of apartments for rent

Google Maps + Craiglist = awesome map of apartments for rent: Color coded by price, including links to the ads. I wonder how long it will be until Google shuts down all these map hacks popping up.


The Annotated New York Times

The Annotated New York Times: Tracks blog entries that cite articles published by The New York Times.

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XMLHttpRequest & Ajax Working Examples

XMLHttpRequest & Ajax Working Examples: Code snippets and proof of concepts.

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After Passion last night, we went to Barrage for drinks to celebrate Russ’ birthday. Jeff and I were talking to Michael Rose*, who admitted that he keeps mixing up our names. Jeff surmised that it was because we both have consonant-vowel-double consonant names, and that got us on to the topic of how unlikely it would be for a couple to each have that combination. It must have struck a chord with Mike because today he emailed me this list : “Matt, Jeff, Jess, Jenn, Jill, Nell, Bill, Bess, Robb, Tess, Biff.” Jeff also came up with “Will.”

I’ve always thought that Jeff and I would end up being called “Mutt and Jeff,” but the cartoon couple we most resemble is Walter & Perry from Home Movies.

* My circle of friends always calls him by his full name to distinguish him from Mike, but it’s starting to sound like “Veronica Mars.”