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Free Icons

Free Icons: List of CC,GPL, etc. icon sets.

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Broadway on YouTube III

It’s been tough to find interesting musical theatre clips on YouTube lately (but no shortage of Les Miz clips); here’s the cream of the crop:


Actors’ Fund CHESS Concert:

More Musicals:

TV commercials:

And just for fun, Nell Carter, Thelma Hopkins, and Lynne Thigpen sing a medley on Gimme A Break (they would have kicked ass on a Dreamgirls medley).

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SimpleCode: Transforms html code into text suitable for putting between <code> tags.

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Tax Time II

Oops. Looks like I did my taxes too early. 🙂

Because April 15 was on a Saturday, most people in the country had until Monday, April 17 to file. But residents of New York, along with the other six states serviced by the Massachusetts RS processing center, have until Tuesday, April 18 to file because Massachusetts celebrates Patriot’s Day [via]

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Easter turducken

Easter turducken: A Cadbury creme egg, stuffed inside a Peep, stuffed inside a chocolate bunny.

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Tax Time

I don’t know why I always wait to the last minute to file my taxes, but I know I’m not alone. Fortunately, I qualified for free Federal and NY State e-filing through tax-engine.com.

This year I ended up having to pay an addition $122 in federal taxes, but I’m getting a refund of $123 from New York state. Net gain = $1.

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Mi, a Name I Call Myself. And You Are?

Mi, a Name I Call Myself. And You Are?: “Today e-mail handles and screen names often evolve into users’ off-line nicknames, and the saucy turns of phrase prevalent in blogs and online forums easily catch fire and leap from computer screen to tongue.”

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Incredible Machines

Incredible Machines: 12 minute video of the most amazing Rube Goldberg machines I’ve ever seen.

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Rabbit vs. Rabbit

Rabbit vs. Rabbit: These are two enormous rabbits.

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Cadbury egg cake

Cadbury egg cake: Baking a cake with Cadbury Creme Eggs in place of regular eggs.