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Entries from Jul 2006

How to fix Jeopardy!

How to fix Jeopardy!: An open letter from Ken Jennings.

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Ernest and Bertram

Ernest and Bertram: The infamous banned Bert & Ernie / “The Children’s Hour” mashup. Watch it before it’s pulled from YouTube.

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.htaccess Cheatsheet

.htaccess Cheatsheet

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Bob & Matt

Bob and Matt at Astor Place

One of the RAs I used to supervise back at Truman (6 years ago?!) visited New York the other day and we met for lunch. I’m bad at keeping in touch with people, so thankfully Bob has a blog.


Ice Cream Truck mp3s

Ice Cream Truck mp3s: note to self: set up as a phone ringtone.

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