Hit or Miss

It’s Hip to Be Round

It’s Hip to Be Round: Apparently I’m ahead of the fashion trend as I’ve been rocking a Ralph Kramden for a couple of years.

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Mi, a Name I Call Myself. And You Are?

Mi, a Name I Call Myself. And You Are?: “Today e-mail handles and screen names often evolve into users’ off-line nicknames, and the saucy turns of phrase prevalent in blogs and online forums easily catch fire and leap from computer screen to tongue.”

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The Secret History of 2 Columbus Circle

The Secret History of 2 Columbus Circle: My Queer Theory teacher in college would have assigned this article to my class in a heartbeat.

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Macaroni and Lots of Cheese

Macaroni and Lots of Cheese: Mac & cheese commentarty from the NY Times.

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The Annotated New York Times

The Annotated New York Times: Tracks blog entries that cite articles published by The New York Times.

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Veiled Conceit

Veiled Conceit: Blog that mocks the NY Times Wedding Announcements.

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